the journey below

Illustration submitted for the KunstHaus Gallery's 2017 art show, Subterranean. This concept art depicts an adventure to the center of the earth. The protagonist, a young man in his 20s (pictured right) decides to leave his life behind in New England to search for an old mythological city somewhere in Central America. His father, an archeologist, went missing long ago in the area thought to host this lost culture. Along the way he crosses path with a woman who saves his life and happens to be searching for the same city. A local guide, who they meet along the way and help get out of a sticky situation, agrees to show them the way to the ancient city.

KunstHaus Gallery


Illustration / Concept Art

Multi-level marketing

These illustrations were submitted for a web-only article, published on The Atlantic's website, about Multi-Level Marketing. Companies like Limelight, YouNique, LuLaRoe, Jamberry, and  Posh function through people who sell their products online mostly through social media. These illustrations show key themes from the article including the hustle, belonging to a tribe of similar people who share a love for the products (top), the support and criticism from friends and followers (upper left), and the social aspect these companies promote (bottom left). 

Baltimore acedemy for illustration

Multi-Level Marketing

Editorial Illustration / Digital

Multi-Level Marketing

travel posters

I am a big fan of Travel Posters and especially the work of Anderson Design GroupThe heightened wonder, intrigue, and spirit mixed with the graphic, simplistic, and bold treatment, which utilizes limited color palettes, appeal to my interests in art and traveling. Much of my inspiration originates from this style illustration. I enjoy creating posters like these as gifts for family and friends. 

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personal project

Print / Illustration

There are some who would argue the creation and use of Artificial Intelligence will one day result in the loss of 1000's of jobs. This Illustration conveys that world; A construction worker surrenders his hard hat (and job) to a robot who will replace him.  

This project was for a mock-Op Ed article in the New York Times

The threat of A.I.

Editorial Illustration / Digital

Baltimore acedemy for illustration

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